Frank Chodorov

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  • Born:
  • Died: December 28, 1966
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Writer









Frank Chodorov was an American member of the Old Right, a group of libertarian thinkers who were non-interventionist in foreign policy and opposed to both the American entry into World War II and the New Deal. He was called by Ralph Raico "the last of the Old Right greats."

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All wars come to an end, at least temporarily. But the authority acquired by the state hangs on; political power never abdicates. Power
Freedom is a personal experience; a free society is an association of free individuals, nothing else. Freedom consists simply in the absence of external restraints on thought and behavior. Yet, because the individual, in his efforts to improve upon his circumstances, not infrequently transgresses the equal freedom of his fellow man, restraint becomes a necessary condition of social living; it is the means of maintaining an equilibrium, or justice. Freedom & Liberty
Power over men is itself a satisfaction, besides providing opportunity to better one's circumstances with a minimum of exertion. Hence, the lust for power increases with its enjoyment and restraint is added to restraint. The government instituted to prevent men from transgressing one another's equal rights thus tends to become a transgressor of the rights of all. The injustice is far more oppressive than anyone man can do unto another, and the interests of freedom can be served only by restraint of government. Equality & Equal Opportunity
Taxation Is Robbery Tax--Root of all Evil Taxes
The way to get the communists out of the government is to get rid of the government jobs. Management & Managing Government
The pertinent question: if Americans did not want these wars should they have been compelled to fight them?
The State acquires power... and because of its insatiable lust for power it is incapable of giving up any of it. The State never abdicates. Power
When people say 'let's do something about it', they mean 'let's get hold of the political machinery so that we can do something to somebody else.' And that somebody is invariably you.

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