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Epicurus was an ancient Greek philosopher who founded a highly influential school of philosophy now called Epicureanism. He was born on the Greek island of Samos to Athenian parents. Influenced by Democritus, Aristotle, and possibly the Cynics, he turned against the Platonism of his day and established his own school, known as "the Garden", in Athens. He and his followers were known for eating simple meals and discussing a wide range of philosophical subjects, and he openly allowed women to join the school as a matter of policy. An extremely prolific writer, he is said to have originally written over 300 works on various subjects, but the vast majority of these writings have been lost. Only three letters written by him—the Letters to Menoeceus, Pythocles, and Herodotus—and two collections of quotes—the Principle Doctrines and the Vatican Sayings—have survived intact, along with a few fragments and quotations of his other writings. His teachings are better recorded in the writings of later authors, including the Roman poet Lucretius, the philosopher Philodemus, the philosopher Sextus Empiricus, and the biographer Diogenes Laërtius.

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I have never wished to cater to the crowd; for what I know they do not approve, and what they approve I do not know. Public Opinion & Polling
If the gods listened to the prayers of men, all humankind would quickly perish since they constantly pray for many evils to befall one another. Religion & God
It is not possible to live pleasantly unless one lives prudently and justly. Justice & Injustice
It is not so much our friends' help that helps us as the confident knowledge that they will help us. Foreign Policy, World & International Affairs
A free life cannot acquire many possessions, because this is not easy to do without servility to mobs or monarchs. Life
Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist. Death
Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. Hope
I never desired to please the rabble. What pleased them, I did not learn; and what I knew was far removed from their understanding.
If God listened to the prayers of men, all men would quickly have perished: for they are forever praying for evil against one another. Religion & God
If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away from his desires.
It is better for you to be free of fear lying upon a pallet, than to have a golden couch and a rich table and be full of trouble.
It is folly for a man to pray to the gods for that which he has the power to obtain by himself. Power
It is impossible to live a pleasant life without living wisely and well and justly. And it is impossible to live wisely and well and justly without living a pleasant life. Life
It is not so much our friends' help that helps us, as the confidence of their help. Friendship
It is possible to provide security against other ills, but as far as death is concerned, we men live in a city without walls. Death
Justice... is a kind of compact not to harm or be harmed.
Misfortune seldom intrudes upon the wise man; his greatest and highest interests are directed by reason throughout the course of life. Life
Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.
Nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little.
Of all the things which wisdom provides to make us entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship. Friendship
The art of living well and the art of dying well are one. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
The misfortune of the wise is better than the prosperity of the fool.
The time when most of you should withdraw into yourself is when you are forced to be in a crowd. Time
There is no such thing as justice in the abstract; it is merely a compact between men.
We do not so much need the help of our friends as the confidence of their help in need.

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