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Doug Aitken
Doug Aitken
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Art is always a search for understanding, and the different levels and frequencies of that search feel completely comfortable and natural to me. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
Communication is paramount, and what medium or what format you utilize should be a non-issue. In some respects, that has created a barrier for new media, especially web new media, because often times maybe the media itself comes before the concept, before the ideas, and ends up navigating or dictating the outcome.
I always thought about 'Station to Station' as an approach. It was about creating an alternative platform for culture where different mediums could co-exist.
I don't really care about interruptions. I accept technology, and I don't turn things off. I've found a peace with fragmentation and a harmony with switching gears quickly to other things. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology ;War & Peace
I have a weak spot for late '60s-early '70s yippie paperbacks and protest manifestos. I find them at flea markets or online. One of my favorites is 'Right On,' a compendium of student protests made into this 95-cent paperback with the most amazing graphics.
I have always just made things. I don't see what I make as being defined by a medium or aesthetic. It probably comes more from a fundamental restlessness, an attempt to create tools for questioning or understanding, and I have always been interested in using a wide spectrum of mediums to do this.
I love art that haunts me, that stays with me, that is left embedded in my mind. I don't really think there is any use for owning or collecting art; it is more about remembering and preserving it in the minds eye and allowing it into your cultural DNA. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
I see life as a burning meteorite that you can climb all over, and feed off, as it is falling to earth. Life
I think about museums often. There are things that I want museums to do that they often don't. For me, I like it when there's a system within the museum that can continuously change - whether it's a museum that is nomadic or one that's designed so the building can shape-shift. I like restless spaces, and I want to be engaged.
I think that 'Station to Station' is a nomadic project not only in a literal sense, as it's traveling by train from place to place. Some of these places are New York City or Los Angeles, but some of these places are rather off-the-grid places.
I think there is a hunger for things that wake you up, something that makes you peel back your eyes, that reminds you that you are alive. Art is at its best when it is in the 'now.' Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
I'm not a journalist; I'm probably a horrible interviewer. The one small thing I have is I'm curious, and I'm interested in who I'm with.
I'm really a believer in being in situations that feel new and awkward and different. And I love that feeling of being in motion - that sense you find when you're traveling. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I'm really pleased to share the 'Station to Station' film. It has a very unorthodox structure; it's made up of separate one-minute films. So you watch this piece that is like time moving. Everything is democratised, whether it's a minute of Patti Smith or a single landscape with a drone, it's this amazing modern kaleidoscope. Time
In our daily lives, we see ourselves often in very reductive ways. I want to explore motion, change and flux, whether we are looking in the mirror or seeing ourselves in our surroundings. The singular view of self contradicts the act of living.
It's very easy to lose track of the environment around you, to lose touch with the present.
My office has two buildings that function like the right and left sides of the brain. There's a room where everything is being edited for an upcoming project, but you can pull out of that into a tranquil space to work in a different, more solitary medium. It's an architectural unfolding of the process instead of just one chaotic structure. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
One of the core reasons for creating 'Station to Station' was to provide a space for exploration and cultural friction between different mediums. It should be natural for mediums like music, film and art to cross over, and we wanted to empower that process. Music, Chants & Rapps ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
Our culture is not this thing to be seen from a distance. We need to be embracing the friction of it all - that is where the energy is.
'Planet Caravan' by Black Sabbath is such a delicate song from such a surprising place.
'Station to Station' came out of a sense of urgency - a sense that culture, be it art, film or architecture, has become so compartmentalised. For this project, we wanted to break that and create a language that is more nomadic and less materialistic and really empowering for the creators and the audience. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
'Station to Station' is a series of happenings that go across the landscape. What is a happening? A happening is a moment in time. A moment in time that is not choreographed, where you don't know precisely what's going on. Where there are aspects of different layers of culture. Time
The 20th century is a period defined by cultural and artistic movements. However, the 21st century creative-scape that we occupy now doesn't really have movements in the same way. Instead it's made up of diverse individuals working across various platforms simultaneously; art, architecture, film, music and literature. Music, Chants & Rapps ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
The idea of a 'happening' is that there is little distance between the viewer and it, whatever 'it' is. It's an experience that's on-going and evolving.
The perfect pop song is a 20th-century creation; it's not a sonnet, it's not an opera, it's something short - three and a half minutes by nature - and has this ability to travel and to defy class and economic structures. Nature ;Travel
The 'Station to Station' film has been fascinating to create. It feels as though it made itself in a way, and after awhile, the film told us what it needed and began to sculpt itself.
The 'Station to Station' film is a fast-moving journey through the modern creative landscape. It's a kaleidoscope of voices and impressions rather than a standard linear film.
The 'Station to Station' film is made entirely out of one-minute films, and each of the 62 minutes is a completely different person, place or encounter.
There's really no differentiation between the work I make and the world I live in. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
We are all affected by the time we are born into, and of course that feeds into your work. Society is based on storytelling - religious myths, opera, film - and 1968 was always seen as a time of rupture and fragmentation. I have always been interested in those words. Society ;Time ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
We are engaging with so many art forms at once in the 21st century, but we're presented with them in a way that is so isolated. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
We live in a world where art exists in galleries and museums, and musicians have to play the same venues over and over. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
We're living in a tremendously new landscape, and the possibility of what can be created is immense. These tools of the moving image have a relatively short history in art, and what we can do with them is still largely unknown. We are still innovating and finding ways to tell stories. History ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
We're moving into an era when things are dematerialised and much more holographic. Floating above the physical world and the geographic map, there's another landscape that's constantly changing - something like a cloud - of communication, information, exchange and commerce.