David Caruso

(David Stephen Caruso)

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Any story you've heard of my behavior is probably true.
Having a little boy has taken me to a very deep place. I am starting to realize everything I ever worried about was such a waste of time. Time
I learned that unemployment can be the great educator.
I was a guy who abandoned a TV show. I didn't care about people.
I went from a guy, kind of a working actor, a supporting player, to magazine covers and being offered the studio pictures really quickly. Nobody was comfortable with it. I wasn't really comfortable with it.
If you're not willing to risk, there are no rewards.
In Hollywood, if you have any success, you have this fear: What do you have to do to hang onto it? Success
It really comes down to the fact that, because I was perceived as a bad guy for leaving the show, I think people were rooting against the movies. That was really unfortunate. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
It's taken me a long time to get back into the industry. People were not really open to me working, or being a part of the industry. Time
Miami is one of the great cultural melting pots in the world. I love working and living here. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
My visibility may have gotten Hollywood to redefine what's attractive.
Not to sound too pathetic, but there have been long stretches where I haven't been able to get a job.
Red hair stigmatizes you.
Television, as you know, can kind of jettison you into a whole new world.
Women are not totally nauseous after seeing me. Women