Dannel Malloy

(Dannel Patrick Malloy)

Dannel Malloy
Dannel Malloy
  • Born: July 21, 1955
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Politician









Quote Topics Cited
Having a larger vocabulary the day you walk into kindergarten is advantageous. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
The largest investment that most communities have is their school buildings. Budgets & Budgeting
We are spending a lot of money on our schools. We’ve got to make ourselves accountable for the results. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
A state that houses the NCAA headquarters. Quite frankly, if Indiana doesn't say that they're going to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, the NCAA needs to move out of Indiana.
Being bombastic for the sake of being bombastic has just never been my take on the world.
Codifying discrimination in our laws should be something we read about in American history, not on the front pages of today's American newspapers and magazines. History
Connecticut would not be Connecticut if we cut $3.5 billion out of the budget. We are a strong, generous, hopeful people. We'd be taking $800 million out of education. You can't do that in this state. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
Democrats tend to think of elections as cycles. Republicans don't: It's ongoing and constant.
I am a person of faith who believes deeply in the right to exercise religious beliefs. Religion & God
I can't write things. I'm embarrassed all the time about that, particularly if people don't know that about me. Time
I don't mind the rich getting richer, but the poor shouldn't be getting poorer, and there should be more people moving into the middle class.
I don't think that we'll support any state that is prepared to discriminate against the citizens of Connecticut.
I have just been the man in the middle, trying to make sure that we steer the right course.
I have to tell you, I'll be right up front about it: I'm the governor of the state of Connecticut, and I can't write anything well.
I was diagnosed as mentally retarded as late as the fourth grade.
I was not going to balance the budgets on the backs of communities.
If a Democrat took Republicans on rudely, they wouldn't be elevated in the Democratic Party. There's a different standard. We're supposed to be polite to people.
If we stand idly by while states legalize bigotry, we are responsible for allowing it to happen.
If you're nice, if you like yourself, if you treat other people well, you're going to be successful. I guarantee it.
Indiana houses the home offices of most fraternities and sororities in the country. If Indiana doesn't pass a law that guarantees people that they'll be free of discrimination, those fraternities and sororities need to move out of Indiana.
No one is confused about what a Democrat is in a presidential election. In every election other than a presidential election, our voters are confused. We've given out too many different messages.
No state, as a matter of public policy, should turn back the clock on progress by, in effect, legalizing and relitigating the same types of discriminatory laws and debates that took America centuries to overcome.
Religious freedom is already protected in the United States. It's in our Constitution. It's in most state constitutions. Freedom & Liberty
Simply because you're a Democrat doesn't mean you can't speak to these issues in language that appeals to voters, particularly independent voters.
The early development of the human brain is extremely important for setting the table, if you will, for potential future accomplishment. Future
There's a difference between expanding someone's potential and expanding their actual performance. Performance may measure other things, whether one's culture supports education, other socio-economic factors. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
We found that Central Americans and Hispanics are somewhat reluctant to send their children off to school as early as Anglo-Americans born in this country. There are some cultural differences.
We have to expose Republicans for the frauds that they are when it comes to what they want to do for working men and women. Women
What I'm hoping to do is see Democrats get elected. That's what I'm trying to contribute to.
What we want to do is guarantee all 4-year-old children in the City of Stamford a prekindergarten experience regardless of their financial circumstances.
When we protect our children in their schools or on our streets, we are living up to our obligations - obligations which we should take solemnly.
Whenever people say, 'You should be president,' I say, 'I thought you liked me.' Listen, I thought being mayor of Stamford was a wonderful job. Being governor of a state for a period of time is a wonderful job, and I'm not sure I'm at all attracted to Washington. Time
You can't separate me from my upbringing as a child overcoming learning disabilities and having to make my way through that. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
You know and I know and economists know that trickle-down economics doesn't work. Work, Workers & The Labor Force