Corliss Lamont

Corliss Lamont
Corliss Lamont
  • Born: March 28, 1902
  • Died: April 26, 1995
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Professor, Philanthropist, Political Activist









Quote Topics Cited
Everywhere, intelligent and educated people rely more and more on purely secular and scientific techniques for the solution of their problems. As science advances, belief in divine miracles and the efficacy of prayer becomes fainter and fainter. Religion & God
Our chief aim as public-spirited citizens must be neither to avoid trouble, nor to stay out of jail, nor even to preserve our lives, but to keep on fighting for our fundamental principles and ideals. Citizenship & Patriotism
Human beings and their actions constitute the advancing front, the surging crest of an ongoing movement that never stops.
I believe firmly that in making ethical decisions, man has the prerogative of true freedom of choice. Freedom & Liberty
Intuition does not in itself amount to knowledge, yet cannot be disregarded by philosophers and psychologists. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
Most men, I am convinced, have an unmistakable feeling at the final moment of significant choice that they are making a free decision, that they can really decide which one of two or more roads to follow.
The act of willing this or that, of choosing among various courses of conduct, is central in the realm of ethics.
The cause-effect sequences in our brains are just as determining, just as inescapable, as anywhere else in Nature. Nature
The dynamic, creative present, however conditioned and restricted by the effects of prior presents, possesses genuine initiative.
The intuition of free will gives us the truth. Truth
True freedom is the capacity for acting according to one's true character, to be altogether one's self, to be self-determined and not subject to outside coercion. Independence ;Freedom & Liberty