Confucius; Kung Fu-tse

Quote Topics Cited
Chung Yu asked the Master about government, and was answered:] Require of others only what you have first taught them. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
Give instruction unto those who cannot procure it for themselves. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training
If the official is himself upright, the people will play their roles without orders. If he is not upright, even under orders the people will be disobedient. Morality, Ethics & Conflict of Interest
If what is said does not concord with what was meant, what is to be done cannot be effected. Discrimination & Prejudice
In a well-governed nation poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a badly governed country wealth is something to be ashamed of. Poverty
Leading an uninstructed people to war is to throw them away. Military & Veterans
Men's natures are alike; it is their habits that carry them far apart. Human Nature
Oppressive government is more terrible than tigers. Law, Courts, Jails, Crime & Law Enforcement
Recompense injury with justice. Justice & Injustice
Study the past, if you would divine the future. History
The cautious seldom err. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
The people may be made to follow a path of action, but they may not be made to understand it. Miscellaneous ;Dictators, Despots, Autocrats, Autocracies & Dictatorships
The ruler over a country of a thousand chariots must give diligent attention to business; he must be sincere; he must be economical; he must love his people; and he must provide employment for them at the proper season. Management & Managing Government
The superior man is easy to serve and difficult to please. Leaders & Leadership
They are these: sufficient food, sufficient armament, and the confidence of the people. Without the confidence of the people there would be no government. Public Opinion & Polling
This was a forced oath; the spirits do not hear such. Loyalty & Loyalty Oaths
Unless one understands the power of words, he will never understand men. Oratory, Discussion & Debate
When wealth is centralized, the people are dispersed. When wealth is distributed, the people are united. Economics, The Economy & Fiscal Affairs
You may rob the army of its commander-in-chief, but you cannot deprive the humblest peasant of his opinion. Freedom & Liberty