Carlo Schanzer

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[We] relegate to the Moslem and Judaic religious authorities all matters relating to personal ethics, inheritance, and religious practices, leaving other civil and penal matters to the courts presided over by professional magistrates. Law, Courts, Jails, Crime & Law Enforcement
The campaign of sanitation in our colonies has wiped out many epidemic diseases and reduced to a minimum the hotbeds of infection. Our colonies can boast of sanitary and hygienic measures similar to those existing in the most progressive countries. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
The Italy of today wishes to develop her African possessions for the benefit not only of the home-land but also of the subject populations and of humanity as a whole. Where the benefits of civic organization are refused by recalcitrant natives who want to continue under the tyrannical and arbitrary rule of their petty feudal lords, Italy takes such measures to reestablish order as seem advisable in the given case. Where natural riches are wasted through backward management, she establishes a regime of scientific exploitation. Where production demands more labor than can be had locally, she creates suitable conditions for the cooperation of her sturdy colonists with the native workers. In short, Italy wishes to govern her African colonies by introducing her surplus man-power among backward populations and integrating the two, never by unnecessarily substituting the former for the latter. Environment & Environmentalism