Bertha von Suttner

(Bertha Felicitas Sophie Freifrau von Suttner)

Bertha von Suttner
Bertha von Suttner
  • Born: June 9, 1843
  • Died: June 21, 1914
  • Nationality: Austrian
  • Profession: Pacifist, Novelist









Bertha Felicitas Sophie Freifrau von Suttner was an Austrian-Bohemian pacifist and novelist. In 1905 she became the second female Nobel laureate (after Marie Curie in 1903), the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and the first Austrian laureate.

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One of the eternal rights is the individual’s right to live. The strongest of all instincts—self preservation—is an assertion of that right. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
The adherents of the old order have a powerful ally in the natural law of inertia inherent in humanity which is … a natural defense against change. Reform, Change, Transformation & Reformers
After the verb 'to Love', 'to Help' is the most beautiful verb in the world. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
Alfred Nobel believed that social changes are brought about slowly, and sometimes by indirect means.
How can justice be attained when, in the expiation of an old wrong, another wrong is to be committed? No reasonable creature would conceive of the idea of obliterating ink stains with ink, or spots of oil with oil. Only blood must be washed out with blood.
I am quite sure that from America will come the greatest help for the cause of peace, and I consider it my duty to inform the people of Europe as to the feelings and intentions of the friends of peace in Europe. War & Peace
I wanted to be of service to the Peace League, and how could I better do so than by trying to write a book which should propagate its ideas? And I could do it most effectively, I thought, in the form of a story. War & Peace
One of the eternal truths is that happiness is created and developed in peace, and one of the eternal rights is the individual's right to live. Happiness & Unhappiness ;War & Peace
Seek not good from without: seek it within yourselves, or you will never find it.
The instinct of self-preservation in human society, acting almost subconsciously, as do all drives in the human mind, is rebelling against the constantly refined methods of annihilation and against the destruction of humanity. Society
The stars of eternal truth and right have always shone in the firmament of human understanding. The process of bringing them down to earth, remolding them into practical forms, imbuing them with vitality, and then making use of them, has been a long one. Truth

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