Arthur Goldberg

(Arthur Joseph Goldberg)

Arthur Goldberg
Arthur Goldberg
  • Born: August 8, 1908
  • Died: January 19, 1990
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Judge









Arthur Joseph Goldberg was an American statesman and jurist who served as the 9th U.S. Secretary of Labor, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and the 6th United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

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… while the Constitution protects against invasions of individual rights, it is not a suicide pact. Constitution / Bills & Declarations of Rights
I believe executive privilege should protect the President's conversations with key aides ... but on substantive matters of concern I do not believe executive privilege ought to exist. Secrecy & Transparency
If Columbus had an advisory committee, he would probably still be at the dock. Management & Managing Government
It is fundamental that the great powers of Congress to conduct war and to regulate the Nation's foreign relations are subject to the constitutional requirements of due process. The imperative necessity for safeguarding these rights to procedural due process under the gravest of emergencies has existed throughout our constitutional history, for it is then, under the pressing exigencies of crisis, that there is the greatest temptation to dispense with fundamental constitutional guarantees which, it is feared, will inhibit governmental action. Legislating & Legislative Process
Law not served by power is an illusion; but power not ruled by law is a menace which our nuclear age cannot afford Chemical & Biological Weapons & Energy ;Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Weapons & Energy
Modern diplomats approach every problem with an open mouth. Diplomacy & Diplomats
Stop the fighting and find the middle ground. Miscellaneous
The Supreme Court, when it decides a new legal question, does not make illegal what was previously legal; it gives a final authoritative determination of whether an action was legal when it took place. Law, Courts, Jails, Crime & Law Enforcement
If Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock.
Law not served by power is an illusion; but power not ruled by law is a menace which our nuclear age cannot afford. Power
The basic guarantees of our Constitution are warrants for the here and now, and unless there is an overwhelmingly compelling reason, they are to be promptly fulfilled.
The concept of neutrality can lead to a brooding and pervasive devotion to the secular and a passive, or even active, hostility to the religious. Such results are not only not compelled by the Constitution, but, it seems to me, are prohibited by it.
The trick is to be there when it's settled.

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