Anton Pannekoek

(Antonie (Anton) Pannekoek)

Quote Topics Cited
A government, a ruling class cannot go to war if the people are unwilling and resisting. Therefore a moral and intellectual preparation is no less necessary than a technical and organizational preparation. War & Peace
A protest only has value if it arises from conviction, leaves a forceful impression, or develops consciousness Civil Disorder, Riots, Protests & Demonstrations
Capitalism in one century of growth has enormously increased its power, not only through expansion over the entire earth, but also through development into new forms Development & Growth ;Capitalism
Every capitalist who suffers from the competition of still greater capitalists denounces those above him and cries out for help on behalf of the middle class Business, Commerce & Finance ;Capitalism
Fear of the consequences of the masses’ indignation often induces the class holding parliamentary power to make concessions which the masses would not otherwise have obtained Public Opinion & Polling
In each electoral district the voters are divided into three classes according to the amount of their taxes; the first class is made up of the wealthiest, enough of them to pay the first third of taxes (sometimes one or two millionaires will suffice); the second is made up of the moderately wealthy, who pay the second third of the taxes; and the third is made up of all the other adult males, who together pay the last third. Each class chooses an elector, and the three electors from each district choose the representative of that district. Under these conditions the mass of the people, who, of course, are crowded together in the third class, can always be voted down by a comparatively small number voting in the other two classes. Voters, Voting & Elections
In Russia bureaucracy as the ruling class is master of production and produce, and the Russian workers are an exploited class. Bureaucracy
In Russia the workers are powerless, kept in spiritual as well as physical bondage. The American workers are free to take up the fight, free to act, to read, to publish, to discuss, to instruct themselves, to combine in unions, to assemble in meeting, to strike. Hence it is only here [America] that the fight for peace can begin…. The [solution] consists in mass-actions of American workers against capitalist power. If they should proceed to wrench the decision on policy from big capital, the most essential step to deter the threat of atomic war would be made Negotiating & Negotiations ;Capitalism
In the class-struggle the conflict must always concern itself with immediate, practical objects Rebellion, Revolution, Insurgency & Resistance
Many workers already realize that the rule of the Socialist or Communist party will be only the concealed form of the rule of the bourgeois class in which the exploitation and suppression of the working class remains. Political Parties & Machines
Middle-class democracy has proved the best camouflage of the political dominance of big capital. Business, Commerce & Finance ;Capitalism
Outside the pale of society, language is just as useless as an eye in darkness Miscellaneous
Politics is the art of dominating men. Politics, Politicians & Political Campaigning & Fund Raising
The solution of one problem always brings a few more problems to the surface to be solved, which were hidden underneath the theory of transmission. Miscellaneous
The state is not a supernatural being; it is the organised host of politicians, leaders and officials backed by armed force States. Nations & Nationhood
The strongest form of fight against the capitalist class is the strike. Strikes are necessary, ever again, against the capitalists’ tendency to increase their profits by lowering wages and increase the hours or the intensity of work. Labor Unions, Labor Relations & Strikes ;Capitalism
There is no secret; and there is no defense. Within some few years Russia and many smaller countries can have their installations ready to make atom bombs by the hundreds, just like America, Atom bombs are the cheapest means of town-destruction …. Russia has numbers of devoted agents in every country--they can easily be smuggled in and hidden, to destroy everything for miles around at the fixed moment. An immense army of security officers and spies will be needed, continually to inspect every box or case in any house. Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Weapons & Energy
What distinguishes Germany from America and Western Europe is control by titled land-holders, the lack of civil liberty and free institutions, and the cowardliness of the middle class Freedom & Liberty
When a number of animals live in a group, herd or flock, they carry on the struggle for existence in common against the outside world … The animals which live socially no longer wage a struggle against each other, wherein the weak succumb; just the reverse, the weak enjoy the same advantages as the strong. When some animals have the advantage by means of greater strength, sharper smell, or experience in finding the best pasture or in warding off the enemy, this advantage does not accrue only to these better fitted, but also to the entire group. This combining of the animals’ separate powers into one unit gives to the group a new and much stronger power than any one individual possessed, even the strongest. It is owing to this united strength that the defenseless plant-eaters can ward off rapacious animals. It is only by means of this unity that some animals are able to protect their young. Defense & National Security
Why does the great body of workingmen still permit itself to be ruled and exploited by the capitalists? Why are they not in a position to drive the minority of exploiters from power? Because they are an unorganized, undisciplined, individualistic and ignorant mass. The majority is impotent because it consists of a divided crowd of individuals each one of whom wishes to act according to his own impulse, regard his own interests. Work, Workers & The Labor Force ;Capitalism
With the coming of peace, the workers are no longer needed as soldiers; they are no longer comrades, defenders of the fatherland, heroes. Once more they become beasts of burden, objects of exploitation. Work, Workers & The Labor Force