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Differences challenge assumptions.
Getting to the top isn't bad, and it's probably best done as an afterthought.
Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
Healthy people live with their world. Health, Healthcare & Medicine
I realize that humor isn't for everyone. It's only for people who want to have fun, enjoy life, and feel alive. Life ;Humor
It is not necessary to deny another's reality in order to affirm your own.
It is not what I do, it is the way I do it, that will get me in the end.
It is possible to be different and still be all right. There can be two - or more - answers to the same question, and all can be right.
Life is a process. We are a process. The universe is a process. Life
Looking after my health today gives me a better hope for tomorrow. Hope ;Health, Healthcare & Medicine
Security is an attempt to try to make the universe static so that we feel safe.
Something that required the best of you has ended. You will miss it.
There are so many ways to heal. Arrogance may have a place in technology, but not in healing. I need to get out of my own way if I am to heal. Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
Trusting our intuition often saves us from disaster. Trust
We can influence who we will be tomorrow, for tomorrow can only be built on today.
We have finally started to notice that there is real curative value in local herbs and remedies. In fact, we are also becoming aware that there are little or no side effects to most natural remedies, and that they are often more effective than Western medicine.
We must move in our recovery from one addiction to another for two major reasons: first, we have not recognized and treated the underlying addictive process, and second, we have not accurately isolated and focused upon the specific addictions.
Whole areas of knowledge and information have been defined into nonexistence because the system cannot know, understand, control, or measure them. Education, Learning, Knowledge & Training