Alfred Hitchcock

(Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock)

Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock
  • Born: August 13, 1899
  • Died: April 29, 1980
  • Nationality: English
  • Profession: Film Director, Film Producer, Actor, Screenwriter, Film Editor, Art Director









Quote Topics Cited
I'm not against the police; I'm just afraid of them. Law, Courts, Jails, Crime & Law Enforcement
A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake. Life ;Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
Always make the audience suffer as much as possible. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
Blondes make the best victims. They're like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints.
Disney has the best casting. If he doesn't like an actor he just tears him up.
Drama is life with the dull bits cut out. Life
For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake. Life
Give them pleasure - the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.
I am a typed director. If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.
I am scared easily, here is a list of my adrenaline - production: 1: small children, 2: policemen, 3: high places, 4: that my next movie will not be as good as the last one.
I am to provide the public with beneficial shocks.
I have a perfect cure for a sore throat: cut it.
I never said all actors are cattle; what I said was all actors should be treated like cattle.
If it's a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on.
I'm full of fears and I do my best to avoid difficulties and any kind of complications. I like everything around me to be clear as crystal and completely calm.
In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director. Religion & God
In films murders are always very clean. I show how difficult it is and what a messy thing it is to kill a man.
Luck is everything... My good luck in life was to be a really frightened person. I'm fortunate to be a coward, to have a low threshold of fear, because a hero couldn't make a good suspense film. Life
Revenge is sweet and not fattening.
Seeing a murder on television can help work off one's antagonisms. And if you haven't any antagonisms, the commercials will give you some. Work, Workers & The Labor Force
Self-plagiarism is style.
Some of our most exquisite murders have been domestic, performed with tenderness in simple, homey places like the kitchen table.
Someone once told me that every minute a murder occurs, so I don't want to waste your time, I know you want to go back to work. Time ;Work, Workers & The Labor Force
Television has brought back murder into the home - where it belongs. Humor
Television has done much for psychiatry by spreading information about it, as well as contributing to the need for it.
Television is like the American toaster, you push the button and the same thing pops up everytime.
Television is like the invention of indoor plumbing. It didn't change people's habits. It just kept them inside the house.
The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder. Arts, Culture, Entertainment & Lifestyle
The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture.
The only way to get rid of my fears is to make films about them.
The paperback is very interesting but I find it will never replace the hardcover book - it makes a very poor doorstop.
There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.
There is nothing quite so good as burial at sea. It is simple, tidy, and not very incriminating.
There is nothing to winning, really. That is, if you happen to be blessed with a keen eye, an agile mind, and no scruples whatsoever.
These are bagpipes. I understand the inventor of the bagpipes was inspired when he saw a man carrying an indignant, asthmatic pig under his arm. Unfortunately, the man-made sound never equalled the purity of the sound achieved by the pig.
This award is meaningful because it comes from my fellow dealers in celluloid.
This paperback is very interesting, but I find it will never replace a hardcover book - it makes a very poor doorstop.
We seem to have a compulsion these days to bury time capsules in order to give those people living in the next century or so some idea of what we are like. Time ;Science, Mathematics, Engineering & Technology
What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out. Life
When an actor comes to me and wants to discuss his character, I say, 'It's in the script.' If he says, 'But what's my motivation?, ' I say, 'Your salary.'

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