Adam Scott

(Adam Paul Scott)

Adam Scott
Adam Scott
  • Born: April 3, 1973
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Actor, Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Comedian









Adam Paul Scott is an American actor, comedian, producer, and podcaster. He is known for his role as Ben Wyatt in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation for which he was nominated for the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series in 2013. He has also appeared as Derek in the film Step Brothers, Johnny Meyer in The Aviator, Henry Pollard in the Starz sitcom Party Down, Ed Mackenzie in the HBO series Big Little Lies and Trevor in the NBC series The Good Place.

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And if you get caught up in combing the Internet for what people think of you or how people perceive you, I think that's a slippery slope.
I mean, I love action films, you know, good action films. Love, Romance, Marriage & Sex
I mean, the acting school I went to, we did have a social experience, but you know, when it's a bunch of actors, it's everyone self-consciously having a social experience rather than just having a social experience.
I tend to be a little too old to feel guilty about watching anything. Like, I watch 'Survivor' every week.
I think 'Eastbound & Down' is one of the great television shows, ever.
I would be horrified to watch whatever I was doing on 'Party Of Five.' I'm sure I'm bad on it.
If I'm going to be away from my family, I'd rather it be working with my friends. Families, Children & Parenting
It is not like casting me in your movie is going to help you get financing.
Journalism classes would have been interesting to me.
Like, on the 'Parks And Rec' set, I still feel like I'm a guest star. Being a fan of the show, it's really surreal to be on the set and see that it's not real, and getting to know the actors and they're not their characters.
'Step Brothers' itself, when I did it, I don't know if I had any idea that it would become a defining moment in my career and life like it has, and I'm really happy that that's the one that ended up being that for me. Life
You know, it looks like I have a varied resume or a varied career, that I've made interesting choices, when the truth of the matter is, in a way I've just kind of piece-mealed a career together, you know? Truth
You know, writing is really difficult, and it takes a real patience and a skill. I don't know if I have that. I admire it in others, so much, and I envy it. Patience

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